12th September, 2022


Dear Peter and Francis,

When Charles Woerishoffer died in 1886, his wife Anna entrusted his fortune to the US Trust Company where it remained for over 130 years.  The only part still in trust today is that of your father and when he dies, both of you (remaindermen) will receive approximately $3M.  Within a matter of weeks, as per instructions laid out in the deed of trust.

No such luck for those entitled to the distribution of Aunt Philippa’s estate according to what I believe to have been her wishes.  Her foundation simply disappeared.

More to the point, Eden Nylen, the family housekeeper for over 30 years, was kicked out from one day to the next and left to fend for herself on the streets of Monte Carlo with less than €10/day and no chances of finding a new job.  Destitute and in misery.  

I recently started providing her with a monthly income of €2’000 (attachment) but that’s not the long-term solution.

Not having received an answer to my recent letters, these are my intentions and expectations:

I hope you will provide Eden with €5’000/month for the rest of her life (I believe she is 75 years old).  Aunt Philippa gave Mr. Blöchlinger her (Eden’s) IBAN number for a reason when he last visited her in MC (Note 1).

You (Peter) need to apologise for the insensitive and demeaning behaviour with which you treated Eden.  She should also be given a memento to remember the years she treasures spent working for Uncle Mani and Aunt Philippa.

The above will allow her to live in dignity for the rest of her life.  It was also Aunt Philippa’s intention.

Should I not receive confirmation, the documentation collected over the last 4 years will be made incrementally public (Note 2).

This is not a threat; this is what will occur.  If, however you take the necessary steps, the matter will be forgotten, and all mentions removed.    

The plight of a human being is in your hands, and I hope both of you will do the honourable thing and set the matter straight.  It’s a small price to pay and would make an enormous difference.

 Best love,



Note 1:     Aunt Philippa bequeathed €50’00 to Eden and €100’000 to her niece Marie-Angela Domdom in her MC Will.  Why did Eden’s niece get twice as much even though she was neither employed nor befriended.  The answer is to be found in the reason Aunt Philippa gave Eden’s IBAN number to Mr. Blöchlinger.


Note 2:     philippaseilern.ch

                  seilern.ch            mid-October


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