Peter Seilern-Aspang
Seilern Investment Management Ltd.
Burdett House
15-16 Buckingham Street
London   WC2N 6DU

5th July 2022

Dear Peter,

Two months ago, I wrote you an encouraging letter regarding the handling of Philippa’s estate according to her wishes.  I received no answer.  Maybe you are “beleidigt”, or maybe you think that by not answering, the matter will go away.

Your actions and probably those of your brother deeply affected the life of Eden Nylen who spent over 30 years working for a loving family and the last 4 in utter misery largely due to your unfortunate intervention.

A reminder.  A few days after Philippa died you

  • entered her apartment at 49 Av. Hector Otto, Monte Carlo unaccompanied and without supervised authorisation,
  • removed two documents Philippa had left behind which were of no concern to you and may have contained specific instructions.  This may be considered a criminal offense,
  • falsely declared you were in charge,
  • ordered her to give up her keys (she refused),
  • berated her for calling me when she did exactly what Philippa asked her to do (none of your business),
  • told Eden not to return the next day when you intended to visit alone.  Again, without prior authorisation and where you were able to remove anything relating to Philippa’s estate, including Industrie und Finanzkontor Etablissement documents, bank statements, correspondence, etc. 

In my letter, I explained how Eden suffered.  I also suggested how you could make her feel better.  Sadly, you did not react.

You don’t seem to understand how important it is to take proper care of this filipina housekeeper who devoted her life to one family.  Jobless at 71 and with hardly any money, she has lost her bearings.

You don’t kick her out on the street, you carefully manage the situation with her interests in mind.  BTW Philippa had anticipated this by giving Mr. Blöchlinger Eden’s IBAN (see report).

You also missed an important point in my letter where I proposed a way out of this terrible mess.

Let me be clear. The matter will not go away until the human pain and suffering is properly taken care of.

hope you will agree to make the necessary efforts to avoid the case becoming public and/or ending in court 

Best wishes



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