Her Will, drawn up in MC, covers only takes her personal belongings into account – furniture, cash, clothes, works of art,  etc.  Her two properties and a portfolio of securities on the other hand were in the hands of  her foundation and are not part of her Will.

Philippa’s Will had been drawn up in Monte Carlo (Me. Henry Rey) in 2009.  Nothing was found in Portugal.

My brother (FCS) called a few days after she died (most unusual) and told me he had inherited Philippa's furniture with the rest going to the Red Cross (see pages 14-17).

This was not quite true.  The Société de la Croix Rouge Monegasque as “légataire universelle” inherited all her belongings after all legacies (bequests) had been paid.  These included €50’000 and €100’000 (see below)and the furniture.

It was only in retrospect that I realized he was talking about Philippa's Monegasque Will and omitted to mention the Stiftung.

The exact value of Philippa's Stiftung is unknown because it was/is managed jointly by the Industrie und Finanzkontor Etablissement (IFkE) and Seilern Investment Management Ltd. and has been hidden behind layers of Statuten and Bei-Statuten with no oversight.

It’s value is anybody’s guess and may lie between €10 and 20 million.

With this in mind and the secrecy surrounding Philippa’s estate, I decided to write Boy (FCS) a letter before it affected the whole family. 


Philippa’s MC Will drawn up in 2009.

See her signature on the last page.


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