Philippa Seilern died four years ago on the 17th of January 2018. 

Having been denied information from those persons responsible for the disposal of her estate, I decided to better understand the matter.

Not for any personal gain, but to see whether Philippa’s true wishes were being properly administered, especially with regards to her staff, her charities and maybe even members of her direct family.

I based myself on the two notarized declarations by Eden Nylen, Philippa’s Monte Carlo housekeeper.

Four things are of concern:

1.     How Eden was treated by PS Jr. in the days after Philippa died was deplorable (p. 19-27).  Summarily dismissed after 33 years’ service with not even a kind word and ending jobless in the streets of Monte Carlo, aged 70, with under €10/day is inadmissible.  Read this carefully PS Jr.

2.     The laws governing Liechtenstein foundations prevent one from getting the facts.  Once an estate has been placed in an irrevocable foundation, it is entirely in the hands of the trustees and if they are not 100% reliable partners, everything can disappear and there is nothing that can be done.  Without oversight there can be no accountability.  Trust is the wrong approach.

A country house, an apartment in Monte Carlo, and a portfolio of securities don’t simply disappear because they are held in a foundation.  Ownership ends up somewhere and that somewhere is nowhere to be found – neither her charities, nor even her direct family, have received anything to my knowledge.

3.     for what reason did Philippa give Mr. Blöchlinger Eden’s IBAN number when he last visited her in MC?

He even acknowledged receipt by pointing to Eden and asking Philippa “ Is that her?” to which she answered “Yes”.

Mr. Blöchlinger and Franz Tassilo Seilern know perfectly well that Philippa intended to take proper care of Eden (p.20) and probably other members of her staff after she died.

4.     Philippa needed help but none was forthcoming.  She had become a recluse after her parents died and refused to see anyone.  That is no excuse.

How desperately lonely and depressed she must have been during those last years.

A nephewas well as her first cousin live practically next door in MC but were not there in times of need.  They neither visited nor looked after her.

Managing her estate was apparently the main concern.  Empathy was not part of the equation.

Philippa   RIP



Some persons may not agree with subject matter contained herein. To them I say:
« Provide a more accurate and verifiable version of events 
and I will correct this document. »


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