Ever since the Kalamitsi foundation was created in 1979/80 (note: The foundation might be under another name) it has been managed by Industrie u. Finanzkontor Etablissement, Vaduz with no independent oversight.

Having devoted over 30 years caring for this small family, Philippa’s two housekeepers were not properly taken care of after she died.  Here is the transcript from Eden Nylen’s (Monte Carlo housekeeper) declaration:

"Peter Seilern Jr. called 7-10 days after the death of Miss Philippa and informed me that he & his wife were coming to see the apartment.  It was a Tuesday and I showed them around as this was their first time in the apartment.  After the funeral in Lagos they visited a second time just before lunch and this time with Mr Seilern Sr. (Boy).

PS Jr. asked me how many keys I had of the apartment, and I explained that the apartment had 2 keys as it was constructed from 2 apartments which were turned into one.

He tried to take the keys from me and when I refused, PS Jr.  said  "She is dead we are now taking over."  His response was without compassion, considering my loyalty to the family and the consequences for my being made redundant."

peterseilernJRPS Jr. became annoyed when Eden told him that she had called PS Sr. the day after Philippa died.  "You have nothing to do with this" he said.

When he asked for the keys of the apartment, Eden replied - "You are not my employer".

On Wednesday 7th February 2018, PS Jr. called Eden and said 

"I am coming anyway to take the keys, as tomorrow me & my wife are inspecting the apartment alone without you".

Eden didn't return to the apartment the next day to avoid PS Jr & entourage.

edennylemEden was summoned to the notary's office in Monte Carlo (Me. Henry Rey), asked to accept a one-time €50'000 payoff as per Philippa’s MC Will, return the keys of the flat and denied further access.

Having worked for the family for 35 years (1983 - 2018) she was dismissed, aged 67, with no help, no words of thanks, not even a souvenir.

Her income dropped dramatically (p.29, Relevant facts).and she was living off less then €10/day.  When I found out in mid-March 2022 (4 years after Philippa died), I arranged for €2’000 to be credited to her account on a monthly basis.

Made redundant without compassion is hard to believe.  In 2019 she was distraught and abandoned.  When I got this information, she was in tears over the phone.

 "They were my family, I worked 35 years for them and now I am told to go away".

Those in charge of her affairs misunderstood Philippa’s relationship with her staff.   Eden was more than a housekeeper; she was a companion through difficult times.

Another point:  Constantin Hohenlohe called his cousin Francis Seilern (p. 6)  to find out what was happening and got the following answer

"I don't know anything.  I haven't followed the matter for years".

Philippa dies leavings a large estate administered by a fiduciary of which Francis S. is managing director and he is not familiar with the situation?

Not true because Francis resigned from Gasenza Trust reg. on the 23rd of March 2018, (p.75) shortly after Philippa died.

Although FC Seilern (Boy) and PS Jr. both live in Monte Carlo they had no contact with Philippa.  However as soon as she died, both went to visit her apartment

PS Jr. went 3 times.  What relationship is there between PS Jr. and the “owner” of the apartment?  Why was he so keen to visit and why did he take possession of the keys?


Philippa’s closest relatives managed her estate through a Liechtenstein foundation with neither accountability nor third-party oversight.


The situation probably evolved over the years as follows

1.     Philippa’s estate was placed in a foundation many years ago without her family fully understanding the consequences.

2.     The Monte Carlo and Lagos properties were de facto hers in all but name.  They were never rented out, nor did anyone come to stay or even visit.  They were exclusively for her private use.

3.     Her personal possessions (jewellery, furniture, etc.) which were not part of the foundation and were disposed of in her Will.

4.     Being in poor health, totally dependent and with no outside counsel, Philippa may have unwittingly signed documents she did not understand.

5.     Philippa’s intention was probably to care for her staff (see Eden Nylen declaration), various charities she funded, etc.  As her personal bank accounts in MC and Lagos contained insufficient funds, she may have given instructions for this to be handled through the foundation.  Why else did Philippa’s Will leave Eden’s niece Marie-Angela Domdom €100’000 when Eden only got half.  Doesn’t make sense.

6.     Mr Blöchlinger may have gone to Monte Carlo to ask Philippa to modify the terms of the statutes and by-statutes of her foundation.  Housekeeper Eden Nylen witnessed several documents being signed without knowing their content.

Having become a recluse after her parent’s death, Philippa’s estate was easy prey.

Estimated between €10-20 million, it is large by any standard and needed to be distributed according to her wishesnot those contained in new but possibly redefined statutes of her foundation.

It appears not so much a conflict with existing Liechtenstein laws governing foundations, but possible decisions taken within the Industrie u. Finanzkontor Etablissement shortly before she died.

*                 **                 *

Nothing appears to have transpired since Philippa died 4 years ago.

As Philippa’s first cousin and being familiar with the situation, I would normally have known what happened to her estate.  Nobody I know of have received anything.

The question  “What happened to Philippa’s estate”  remains unanswered.

*                 **                 *

I have tried to keep this matter private.  See:

  • 2 letters to Boy dated 2302.2018 and 09.04.2018,
  • His response of 21.04.2018
  • Letter to Franz Tassilo dated 08.11.2018

“I am, however, willing to concede that you and your brother made a terrible mistake of judgement and forget the matter once it is properly taken care of.”

where discretion is underlined and my suggestion that the matter be handled within the family.

The matter should of course be kept out of sight; however it is inadmissible that those responsible rescind Philippa’s wishes.  Having Eden reprimanded, kicked out of the apartment, and left to live on less than €10/day cannot be allowed.

An appropriate long-term solution needs to be found.



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