When Uncle Mani and Anne died (resp. 2004 and 2006) Philippa became a recluse and even though members of the family tried to get in touch, it was to no avail.

Only after she died, did I find out that she led a life shuttling between Monte Carlo and Lagos, Portugal.  Apart from her two housekeepers (Alice Brito in Lagos and Eden  in MC) and her chauffeur Danny, with whom she entertained close relationships, she never saw anyone.

Prior to 2004, Philippa and her parents occasionally met Boy (FCS) and Christiane for lunch. Philippa saw no one (except for her staff) after the death of her parents during the last 14 years of her life

PS Jr. who also lives in Monte Carlo, had no contact with her 

In April 2016 Philippa injured herself in Lagos which left her mostly bed-ridden after a hip operation.

At the time she was dependent not only because of her operation but also because she had been suffering from « Atypical extrapyramidal syndrome »  (a form of Parkinson’s, see signatures on her 2009 Will, pages 65-67).

The last person she saw, apart from her staff, was Mr E. Blöchlinger  (Member of the board of the Industrie u. Finanzkontor Etabl., Vaduz) who came to MC in early 2017 for her to sign certain documents.


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