Close family members within and without Industrie und Finanzkontor Etablissement have had control over Uncle Mani and Philippa’s foundation ever since it was set up forty years ago.

They have declined to explain the disposal of the assets held in her foundation after her death.

Normally such assets would have been inherited by someone or gone somewhere

  • direct members of her family,
  • her devoted staff with over 30 year’s service,
  • charities, etc.

From notarized declarations, Philippa had definite ideas how she wished to dispose of her estate.

Nothing has shown up anywhere leading to believe that Liechtenstein laws may have prevailed and allowed Philippa’s estate to be disposed of contrary to her wishes.  

No direct proof, but enough factual evidence to ask questions.

A. Questions involving Philippa’s foundation to which Industrie & Finanzkontor will provide no information:

1.    E. Blöchlinger (Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung, Industrie u. Finanzkontor Etablissement) met with Philippa in Monte Carlo for her to sign a series of documents.

Apart from housekeeper Eden Nylen (Philippa’s Monte Carlo housekeeper and confidante) no other person was present to help or advise Philippa.  Questions regarding this meeting are as follows :

  • What was the purpose of this meeting and the signing of new documents?
  • Did the documents replace previous Statuten and Bei-Statuten?
  • If so, what instructions do the pre-2017 documents contain?  And why the change?
  • Did Philippa unwittingly sign without understanding the consequences?

2.    During the meeting, Eden overheard Philippa give her (Eden’s) IBAN number to Mr Blöchlinger.  Why would Industrie und Finanzkontor Etablissement need Eden Nylen’s IBAN?  The reason is to be found in a conversation Eden had with Philippa :

" Miss Philippa asked me "What will you do after my death?"  I was so surprised by her question that I answered  "I never think of that. As long as you are here, I have work and I can survive".  Then Miss P asked me  "If you go back to the Philippines, how much would you need to build yourself a home?"  Then I answered  "Euro 100 - 200'000".  Miss P replied  " Is that all?"  I said jokingly "YES".

In her Monte Carlo Will, Philippa left Eden €50'000 and a further €100’000 to Eden’s niece Marie-Angela Domdom.

Why did Eden’s niece, who had another job and did not work for Philippa, receive twice what Eden got?

Almost certainly because Philippa intended to leave a much larger sum to Eden but did not have enough funds in her MC account and therefore instructed Mr. Blöchlinger to act accordingly through her Liechtenstein foundation.

Four years after Philippa’s death, Eden has not received a penny.

3.    Why was housekeeper Eden Nylen instructed by Philippa to call PS Sr. and only PS Sr. if something happened to her ?  Was PS Sr. mentioned in any of the previous Statuten or Bei-Statuten of her Foundation?  Did Philippa want him to administer or oversee the disposal of her estate?

4.    Why did Francis Seilern and E. Blöchlinger resign as directors of Gasenza Trust reg. on the 26th March 2018, a month after Philippa died, only to be replaced by Mr Marc Peter Zahn, another Industrie und Finanzkontor Etabl. employee?

5.    Was Philippa’s foundation ever subject to third-party oversight?  Was Philippa ever advised by anybody other than Industrie u. Finanzkontor Etablissement?

6.    Why was Philippa’s estate hidden behind these foundations and trusts when it was unnecessary in view of her Monte Carlo residence?

7.    Utility bills of the MC apartment are addressed to Gasenza Trust reg. a Liechtenstein-based trust founded in 1964, has a bisnode ID of 1982859 and the following correspondence address:

c/o Industrial and Financial Accountability
Herrengasse 21, 9490, Vaduz
(same address as   Industrie u. Finanzkontor Etabl.)

8.    Over the years there was a regular flow of funds between the Philippa and the Gasenza Trust Reg. accounts at Banque J. Safra Sarasin (Monaco) SA (page 67).  These included payments to the Industrie und Finanzkontor Etabl. as well as the Liechtensteinische Steuerverwaltung, both in Vaduz.  Needs to be explained.

9.   Eden remembers a letter being deposited with the Bank Director (Mr David Custdin, J. Safra Sarasin SA, Monaco) before Philippa’s final journey to Lagos in 2017.  Reasons?

10. Eden says Philippa delivered a letter to Maître Rey’s secretary (date needs to be checked with Danny Cabellon).  Contents?

11. The MC apartment belongs to whom?  See page 75-77 – Philippa is described as “Ayant Droit Economique”  -  “heritage” and “Patrimoine Familiale” are mentioned.  Maybe it should be part of her MC Will?


12. Rakuira Ltd apparently owns the property in Lagos.  The company was incorporated in Delaware, USA, on the 8th of August 2013 Corporation number 5380356.

13. Why incorporate a Portuguese summer home in Delaware?

14. What is the purpose of Portimo Trust?

B.     Questions not related to Philippa’s foundation.

1.    Why did Philippa instruct Eden to only contact PS Sr. in case something happened to her?  Page 22.         “ .....  not her Monte Carlo cousins".

2.    Why did Francis’ father call PS Sr. to describe Philippa’s Monte Carlo Will while omitting assets held in her foundation?

3.    For what reason did PS Jr. get angry when Eden told him that she had called PS Sr. the day after Philippa died as instructed? 

4.    FC Seilern (Boy) and son Peter (PS Jr.) both live in Monte Carlo but had no contact with Philippa.  Who authorized them to visit her apartment?  As she had just died, her personal affairs were under sequester.  Why did PS Jr. remove documents without authorisation?

5.    Apparently the 2 envelopes he removed were meant for housekeeper Eden and chauffeur Danny and contained instructions about what to do in case anything happened to her (she died in Lagos).  This had nothing to do with the foundation.  Needs to be explained.

6.    Visits to the MC apartment immediately after Philippa died:

  • PS Jr. and wife Caroline visited the first time a week after Philippa’s funeral.
  • They visited a second time a week later accompanied by Peter’s father.

During this second visit PS Jr. told Eden "She is dead we are now taking over."  Chauffeur Dany Cabellon was present and apparently cried during this exchange

It was also during this 2nd visit that PS Jr. took 2 envelopes which were kept in a drawer for easy access by Eden.  Why?

  • Peter and Caroline visited a third time alone having ordered Eden not to be present.  Why?
  • Were there any further visits?


1.    What permission was granted to remove documents from the apartment?

2.    Why did Francis Seilern and Ernst Blöchlinger resign from Gasenza Trust) on March 21, 2018, two months after Philippa died.

7.    Who ordered the MC notary (Me H. Rey) to take the keys away from Eden?  Who was the English-speaking individual PS Jr. called so that Eden would give up the keys (she refused)?

8.    Why was Eden refused further access to the apartment?


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