26.01 2023


Dear Peter,

I sent you three respectful letters in 2022 (20th April, 1st July and 12th September) hoping that you would take notice and repair the pain and damage you caused Eden Nylen, Philippa’s MC housekeeper.

You neither replied nor intervened.

Apparently, the life of a 70 year-old Philippino housekeeper who devoted 30 years of her life taking care of Uncle Mani and (especially) Philippa was not your concern

You are wrong - she was part of their family and that needed to be respected.

You were indifferent to the consequences of her being thrown out from one day to the next and left to wander penniless and in despair, the streets of Monte Carlo.

Read her notarized report in philippaseilern.ch

I don’t think I have ever encountered such heartless behavior within our family.

I suggest you see to it that Eden Nylen gets treated according to Philippa's intentions.

With kindness and empathy, the way she helped Philippa through the last 10 years of her life.

Picking on a defenseless Philippino housekeeper is unacceptable.

I cannot express my feelings towards such behavior.

The matter will not go away until it is taken care of.

It is explained in the Seilern website coming shortly.

All the best,





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