Peter Seilern-Aspang
Seilern Investment Management Ltd.
Burdett House 
15-16 Buckingham Street
London   WC2N 6DU

20th April 2022

Dear Peter,

Happy Easter.  I hope you and your family are well.

A couple of weeks ago I called Eden Nylen in Monte Carlo to find out how she was doing and was taking aback when she told me she was living in misery.

Eden devoted her life to Uncle Mani’s family and has been living destitute on less than €10 a day ever since Philippa died 4 years ago (p.25, encl.).  Her only salvation was the €50’000 Philippa left her in the Monte Carlo will and what she was able to put aside over the years.

How could this ever have been allowed to happen?

Soon after Philippa died, Eden was denied access to the apartment and told to leave without compassion or empathy.  She was not even afforded a souvenir as a reminder of her life’s work (p. 17-24, encl.).

You may have lost your composure during your visit (23rd Jan. 2018?) to the apartment at Av. Hector Otto, and I am sure that you regret what occurred.  Not having had any contact with Eden since then, you are probably unaware of her distress.

Having had such a close relationship with Philippa and her parents over 33 years, Eden had hoped (rightfully) to be provided for.  And this is undoubtedly what Philippa had organised for her (p. 12).  Instead, the opposite occurred.

I am asking you to express your regrets and give her something with which to remember all the years she spent working for Uncle Mani, Anne and Philippa .

(Eden’s phone no.:  +33 6 07 93 48 37).

Secondly, to provide Eden with what Philippa intended to leave her.  Even better if that would be extended to the rest of her staff.

At the time of writing, Eden’s life has been somewhat improved by an extra €2’000 a month I am crediting to her account at the Credit Agricole (she was obliged to leave the Crédit Foncier Monégasque due to insufficient funds). This is provisional and will need a permanent solution.

As a gentleman with a Christian upbringing, I expect you to do what is right and bring back serenity to those who have suffered terribly through no fault of their own.

Finding a solution will hardly make a dent in the millions that have disappeared in Philippa’s foundation.

I suggest the next steps be handled by a law firm specialising in mediation.  I have been advised that respected mediators are to be found both in Zürich and Geneva.

I sincerely hope you will find the above proposal reasonable, and therefore enable us to put an end to this unfortunate situation.  It gives me no pleasure to pursue a matter which is unworthy of us, but I will do so to the very end.

Lastly, I invite you to visit  where you will find a quantity of information about our family that you were probably not aware of.

The website is mostly open source, however you will need  a

                   Username:    xxxxxxx                   Password:     xxxxxxxxx

to access “Family”.

You may wish to pass this on to your children whose e-mail addresses I don’t have.

Many thanks.

Best love


Note:       The Philippa Seilern document is temporarily unavailable on the website.
                Please let me know of any factual errors.

Encl. ment.