Not having received an answer, I wrote a second letter:


9th April 2018

Dear Boy,

Did you get the letter I sent you on the 23rd of February?

A lot has happened since then and I want to keep you informed.  I have done quite a bit of research and unfortunately believe that Philippa's estate is not being handled according to her wishes.

I have sworn statements from certain people familiar with the situation and have equally obtained other details of her estate.  I have also encountered individuals who have been instructed not to provide information.

By writing to you I had hoped the matter could be settled within the family.  Not having received an answer I consulted the international law firm DLA Piper who have been instructed to resolve this unfortunate situation by using utmost discretion.

They have also been told that it is my firm intention to get to the bottom of this and if necessary pursue the matter by adopting the full range of legal options.

Shortly before Philippa died, she gave instructions that I (not your sons, nor the Industrie u. Finanzkontor, nor you) be informed should anything happen to her.  Not having seen her for over 25 years, I was surprised, however I have formal confirmation that this was her wish and intend to follow it up.

You may remember that when Uncle Antoine died in 1978, you persuaded Nettie, Henriette as well as Uncle Mani and Philippa to take up residence in Monte Carlo and place their inheritances in various foundations.  This was done through Josef Meran at a time when you were working for Hambros so you are aware of the situation.

That you did not answer my letter is unfortunate as you could be of great help.  Once again I ask you to take the necessary steps before it is too late.

All that needs to be done is for the truth to come out and the matter will be settled and forgotten.

Integrity within our family must come first.

Best love,