his ad hominen reply:


Villa Carina
18, Boulevard de Suisse
MC – Monte Carlo

21st April 2018



I got your letters of 23rd Feb and 9th April.  I did not reply to your letter of 23rd Feb because I said all I had to say when we spoke in February.

You seem to be suggesting that Philippa’s wishes for the disposal of her property have not been followed.  I am not aware of any evidence of this.

What is worse, you suspect that “my side of the family” are “taking it away from others” and you’re now talking of embezzlement.

This is contemptible and does not merit a reply.

I have to conclude that you are just trying to make mischief within the family.  But be very careful. There are laws against defamation and if any of my sons’ reputations are damaged by your baseless suspicions you must be ready to face the consequences.